What is Shodan Academy:

Shodan Karate Academy is a family oriented Martial Arts studio. Shodan Academy teaches

traditional Shotokan Karate. We offer classes for different age groups ranging from age 4 to adult. We are

an accredited Better Business Bureau partner with an A+ rating. 


How are the ages grouped and what time do they meet:


       *Ages 4-7.5: Tuesday at 6:15

       *Ages 7.5-11: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 6:15

       *Ages 11.5- Adult/Advanced: Tuesday/Thursday at 7:15

       *Competition Team Only: Wednesday at 6:15 

(We do not have any contracts)


What are the hours at Shodan Academy:

Shodan Academy is open in the evenings 4 days/week.

Monday 6 -8 pm (during league season only) 

Tuesday 5:30 - 9pm, Wednesday 5-8, and Thursday 5:30 - 9pm

(also by appointment)


Can my child try a class before starting classes:

Shodan academy does allow one free trial class per student. We suggest contacting our office by filling out the trial class appointment form on this site or by email to set up a day and time for you to arrive.

Does Shodan Academy have any contracts or sign up fees:

Shodan Academy does not have any  contracts. We do have a one time $25 registration fee per student.

Does Shodan Academy offer refunds if my child decides to stop attending:

Shodan Academy does not offer refunds on regular classes, league classes or promotional classes for any reason. We also do not offer any refunds on Competition Class fees unless there is a medically documented injury that prevents further participation on the team or classes. That refund is offered at 50%. 


Are students required to buy anything special for classes at Shodan:

Shodan Academy never requires anyone to purchase any unnecessary gear.  We do not require a uniform purchase for at least one month for regular students and never for a student on a Groupon or promotion.  We allow all students to utilize the equipment we have at the dojo free of charge. Upon taking and passing the Orange Belt test, students are given 2 pieces of equipment with the cost of that test that they can then use in class.


How often do you belt test and is there a fee:

The first belt test typically occurs around 8 weeks from when a student begins classes. After that, the time between tests becomes farther apart as to not advance a student too quickly. Please keep in mind that there are factors that are considered when Sensei Ricardo selects the testing groups such as; amount of days the student attends class, attendance, attitude, ability to show knowledge during class, and participation. Fees for belt test vary per belt rank.


What if a student doesn’t pass his/her belt test:

Each student is given the opportunity to repeat their belt test as many times as Sensei Ricardo deems appropriate until their rank is achieved over a one month period. Parents do not have to pay for another belt test fee within that 1 month period. After that one month period the belt test fee would have to be paid again.


Do you allow students to make up missed classes:

Students are allowed to make up paid classes that have been missed due to absence or illness within the month they were missed. Any missed classes that occurred during the end of the month can be made up within the first two weeks of the following month. We do not allow students to 

make up classes indefinitely. If you have a special circumstance, please see the office to discuss your options.

Since your dojo is located in the Gathering Place, do you offer any type of short term classes such as  leagues or promotional sessions:

Karate Training League is offered at the GP and is held just as any other league such as soccer, t-ball, volleyball, etc. It starts at the same time as the other leagues and runs for 6 weeks. Registration for the league is done through the GP website. Ages 4-12 are welcome to register. In addition, we do offer promotional opportunities throughout the year and those are typically offered via email or on Facebook to new students only.


What is the difference between your regular classes and the Karate Training League at the Gathering Place:

Our regular classes are ongoing and do not have a specific start or stop date. The Karate Training League at the GP is held just as any other league such as soccer, t-ball, volleyball, etc. It starts at the exact same time as the other leagues and runs for 6 weeks. Registration for the league is done through the GP site just as any other league.

What are the days and times of the Karate Training League:

The Training League is held on Mondays at 6:15.

If my child is attending Karate classes at Shodan Academy, can I use the Gathering Place to play basketball, racquetball, soccer, volleyball, walk or work out while he/she is in class?


The GP is available for use during our business hours. Visitors can either buy a day guest pass for $6 or a monthly and yearly membership pass as well (prices vary). As a Shodan Parent, you are entitled to 40% off membership through the GP. You can stop by the dojo office during normal business hours to obtain a coupon for that promotion.

All forms of communication are used to get information to students/parents as quickly as possible. The following is a list of how the staff at Shodan can be contacted or how information is sent.

Web: www.shodanacademy.com  Email:  shodanacademy@gmail.com  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shodankarateacademy/ Twitter: @shodanacademy  /https://www.instagram.com/shodanacademy/

Phone: 317-865-8850

We also encourage our parents to check our EVENTS page for any schedule updates.


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