At Shodan Academy we proudly sell both Punok Equipment and Karate Life gear. The Punok brand  Kumite and Kata Gis and Sparring gear are both WKF approved under the World Karate Federation.


But, what is all the hype about? ​

The 2021 Olympic games in Tokyo are just a year away. Athletes from all over the world will be competing over the next few months to qualify to earn a spot at the most prestigious athletic event in the world. But, what do these athletes wear? They have gear, warm ups, uniforms, etc.

For the athletes competing in the sport of Karate, they have only a few choices that are legally allowed. This is no menial choice because this will be the first time Karate will be allowed in the Olympic Games.

The World Karate Federation (WKF) is the governing body of traditional practitioners and therefore determines what will be allowed in the games along with the International Olympic Committee.

Companies from every country submit samples to WKF to try and gain homologation for their gear to be a brand that can be worn during the events leading up to and at the actual games. The requirements are quite stringent. The cost is high. The approval, the reward.

Very few new companies are approved and the new entries are only allowed every few years. This year, 2020, was one of the years new companies could apply for homologation.

This year, a new brand was approved and will be worn by athletes all over the world to compete for spots to compete in the Tokyo games. Punok is that brand!

Punok is a company that was born right here in Greenwood Indiana by former USA Karate Team member and Shodan Academy owner; our head Sensei Ricardo Guerrero. The Punok story is amazing and the fact that this small company from Indiana will be worn in the Olympics is even better!

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*Our regular class students are not required to purchase gear to participate in class*


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