Due to the current coronavirus situation, we will conduct all classes virtually! If you are a current student contact us for details. If you are a new student click the VIRTUAL KARATE link in the menu.

Shodan Academy is a family oriented martial arts studio that promotes, respect, confidence, self defense and physical fitness in a fun and safe atmosphere. 






Karate is a martial art for all ages. Children benefit from the discipline, confidence, and physical training that Karate provides.


Many studies have proven that kids who are involved in martial arts activities have improved grades, concentration, focus, and attention.


​More mature Karate practitioners find that Karate is an excellent way to keep in shape both mentally and physically, and that the focus/control  Karate brings help equally in academics and in daily life.

Is Karate for me or my kids?

Shodan Academy focuses on quality.  Our main goal is to help parents develop healthy and respectful kids that are good role models for our community.


Our academy doesn't use  contracts or belt programs. We don't require expensive gear purchases or additional costs. We want to provide our customers with the flexibility they deserve. In order to provide you with the best service, we offer small size classes that are affordable without compromising our quality of instruction. We pride ourselves in that what we offer is what you pay for; classes, a uniform, and an occasional belt test. Nothing more and nothing less. We're all about our students and staying authentic to traditional Japanese Karate. 

​         Why Shodan Academy?


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